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Cobian Backup est, comme son nom l'indique, un logiciel de sauvegarde. L'interface, assez classique pour un logiciel de ce genre, affiche la liste des plans de sauvegarde dans un tableau récapitulatif avec leur nom, les répertoires source et destination ainsi que la fréquence et la taille des sauvegardes.

La sauvegarde peut se faire dans un répertoire local ou bien à distance (par l'intermédiaire du client FTP inclus). Les options relatives à chaque sauvegarde sont nombreuses et claires (compression, sauvegarde incrémentale, récursivité dans les répertoires, exclusions par masque, lancement de programmes avant et après le backup...).

A noter que le logiciel comprend une option de mise à jour par Internet et que le passage en version française se fait par l'intermédiaire du menu Tools/Options (c'est l'anglais qui est installé par défaut).

Nouveautés de la version 11
- AES encryption (128, 192 and 256 bits).
- The directories Settings, Logs and DB can now be configured manually.
- A task has now the Priority field.
- A new scheduled type is added: On startup.
- A new scheduled type was added: On first Monday, On third Tuesday, etc...
- Now you can limit the number of Differential backups as well.
- Now you can select a fixed day of the week to make an incremental or differential backup Full.
- The program can now automatically delete old files.
- Suspend and Hibernate are now Events.
- Sources and Destinations can now be sorted "As Explorer".
- Delete empty directories is now a Task property.
- A LOT of new parameters can now be used (see the help file).
- The task list can now be divided and organized in groups.
- Inclusions and Exclusions can now be arranged.
- The Deleter can now delete multiple sources.
- The Safe Mirror directory keeps now the original directory structure.
- You can now link tasks as an event.
- The installer is now improved.
- The application can now be closed from every possible desktop.
- Old encryption methods are now deprecated.
- The decryptor and decompressor accept now multiple sources.
- The decryptor and the decompressor accept command line arguments.
- The program checks the existence of the destination file even when using the attribute method.
- Counting files can now be paused or canceled.
- The body of the mail is now configurable.
- The Remote Manager is fully rewriten and can now show the progress of the remote client.
- The Remote Manager can now get the FULL log file of the client.
- Restart and Shutdown work now even with impersonation.
- Missed backups don't restart or shutdown the machine now if that event is present.
- And a LOT more.

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version du 06/12/2012
- Russian language updated.
- Ucranian translation added.
- German language added (at last!!!).
- Portuguese-BR files updated.
- Czech help file updated.

Version du 31/07/2012
- When using ZIP compression, some files where ignored. Bug introduced in Fixed.
- The status bar was showing accelerators in file names.
- The post-backup events where always getting 0 as the number of errors in the task. Fixed.
- When deleting old backups, the name of the files or directories to delete ara now logged.
- When "Calculate source sizes" was checked, the task properties was showing "Calculating..." for ever. Fixed.
- English language updated.
- Spanish language updated.
- Portugues-PT language updated.
- Czech language updated.

Version du 30/06/2012
- When sending a test SMTP message, UTF encoding was not working in the body of the mail. Fixed.
- Keep alive is now selected as default for any new FTP connection.
- Reset positions was not working file when the width of the left column was zero.
- A change has been done in the way the zip engine reads the files to avoid problems with files with special temporary attributes.
- If an exception occurred whencompressing or encrypting individually, a wrong message was being logged.
- A bug was fixed when editing ASCII extensions for the FTP.
- Italian language updated.
- Chinese-traditional language updated.
- Turkish language updated.
- Czech language updated.
- Czech help file updated.

Version du 03/06/2012
- Sorting the list by clicking on the list header was not working ok. Fixed.
- When the list contained groups and you sorted the list, some taks would disappear. Fixed.
- The program could hang when downloading or deleting files from some
FTP severs like Serv-U version 6. Should be OK now.
- Drag'and'drop for the list items is now allowed ONLY when the All tasks tab is selected, to prevent chaos.
- The speed of the tray icon animation has been slightly sped up.
- Spanish language added.
- French language updated.
- Portugues-Brazil language updated.
- Russian language updated.
- Czech language updated.
- Simplified chinese language updated.
- Czech help file updated.
- Polish language updated.

Version du 27/05/2012
- A new set of tray icon is now used by default.
- The old set of tray icons can be selected from Options-Visuals.
- The default list of uncompressed extensions has been shortened.
- Help file updated.
- English language updated.
- Spanish language updated.
- French language updated.
- Chinese- traditional language added.
- Italian language updated.

Version du 24/05/2012
- Fixed a problem when storing the UI positions when the user name contains a dot.
- When making a mirror, files with Readonly or System attribute were not being deleted.
- Simplified chinese language added.
- Czech language updated.
- Czech help file added.
- Russian language updated.
- Portuguese-Brazil language updated.
- The automatic interval when checking for updates has been decreased to once a week.
- English language updated.
- Spanish language updated.

Version du 14/05/2012
- Now you can execute a Command Line action as an event. This is great if you cannot use the execute or ExecuteAndWait event for some reason (too many parameters, or for complicated stuff).
- The interface warns you now when the engine is not found.
- When executing a file externally (by the UI) errors were not marked as such.
- Showing the filter "All files" in some dialog boxes didn't work. Fixed.
- FTP sources and destination can now be parametrized.
- Portuguese-PT language updated.
- English language updated.
- Spanish language updated.
- The help file has been updated.

Version du 07/05/2012
- Portuguese-PT language added.
- Catalonian help file updated.
- Some external links have been updated.
- The help file has been updated.

Version du 04/05/2012
- Out of the BETA phase. First official release of v11.
- When using "One full of" and no previous full backup was found, a full backup was never triggered.
- "Use fixed days" and "One full of.." are now mutually exclusive.
- Portugues-BR language updated.
- Turkish language updated.
- Some menu shortcuts were corrected.
- Italian language updated.
- Czech language updated.
- Swedish language updated.
- When running a task and no duplicated tasks should be queued, the current task is also checked.
- When the interface shows the history list, the last history item is now shown directly.
- Failed FTP backups were listed in the history. Fixed.
- Czech language added.
- Swedish language added.
- French language updated.
- Turkish language added.
- Some typos corrected in the english language files.

Mis à jour le : 06.12.12

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