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Beats of Rage v4 - XBox

As fans of the 'Streets of Rage' series that originally appeared on the SEGA megadrive/genesis, we always wanted to see streets of rage 4. But the waiting proved futile, and streets of rage 4 never came. That's why we tried to correct this mistake and fill the void by making the ultimate tribute to Streets of Rage: Beats of Rage!!

The city is in danger
It's been three months since his escape. But in this time mr. Y has brought the city into turmoil. He has taken control over the city's government and corrupted its police force. No one is safe and thugs and villains rule the streets. But three young friends take a stand for great justice. Their names are Kula Gem, Max Bacon and Mandy Bluegard. No longer can they tolerate crime, violence and injustice. So they go out into the streets to deliver some.... Beats of Rage.

Fight the injustice that plagues this city, and take control of one of the three heroes. Start delivering those beats in this side-way scrolling beat 'em up, in single player mode or with two players simultaneously.

Mis à jour le  : 15.10.07

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