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XBox Ripper 1.0.6

Ce logiciel qui vous permettra de copier le contenu d'un DVD depuis le lecteur XBox vers votre PC.

Nouveautés & Corrections
- Check connection via Explorer's FTP interface added.
- Fixed a small bug in the Terrabytes, only updated the 1st drive and not the second.
- Select disc type to write to (CDR/RW, DDCD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R/RW DL).
- Game saves viewer, shows directory on Xbox and gives actual name of the game save.
- Displays whether your drive is capable of DL writing, not currently verified as working.
- Selection for ISO file name on creation.
- Proper logfile system.
- Amout copied/ripped added with select for MB and GB, Auto and Off.
- Memory free info added (Bar and text).
- Progress bar colours changed to suit forms.
- Drag and drop added to all possible sections for the ripper and burner.
- Bug fixed for level 3 ripping. EvoX worked fine but UnleashX didn't. (EvoX put a "/" in the path name whereas UnleashX didn't so the directory to rip would be incorrect).
- Abort button added for the rip and make image process.
- Full progress bar added, getting disc size beforehand and showing percent complete, time remaining and time elapsed.
- Lots of small bug fixes, all dependant on certain situations to show up.
- Passive mode added for ripping, hopefully to fix the 10057 error.
- Windows Firewall status added - option to enable and disable (for security reasons the program will NOT automatically do this).
- Ping ability added to check status of your Xbox on the network.

Mis à jour le  : 15.10.07

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