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Counter-Strike 2D

Counter-Strike 2D est la version 2D vue de dessus du célèbre FPS Counter-Strike (le jeu d'action en ligne multi-joueurs le plus populaire dans le monde). Vous incarnez aux choix un terroriste ou un policier.

Plusieurs cartes de jeu sont incluses (aéroport, assaut dans un hangar, laboratoire de transformation de produit stupéfiant, en Italie, etc…) avec un large choix d'armes (24 réparties en plusieurs catégories).

Ce jeu peut aussi bien ce jouer seul contre des adversaires géré par l’ordinateur ou en mode réseaux contre des adversaires que vous trouverez sur les serveurs publics (Vous pouvez aussi créer vos propres serveurs gratuitement).

Nouveautés & Corrections de cette version :
Version du 04/03/2019
- Fixed : U.S.G.N avatars were not downloaded.
- Fixed : Tile FX did not work for 64px tilesets.
- Fixed : MVP and Assists were not saved properly in stats/rank system.
- Fixed : Mouse spectation disappeared after killcam transition.
- Fixed : Quake shake effect was too long when having a low frame rate.
- Fixed : Bullet shells fade out took too long when having a low frame rate.
- Fixed : Tween duration was capped at 65535 ms for all tweens (cap removed).
- Fixed : Some tweens did not work properly when having a huge number of dynamic objects (over 32k).
- Fixed : Lua HTTP request stopped working after first failure.
- Fixed : Server mod cache did not load properly for clients.
- Fixed : Lighting issues when dynamic objects were updated near light sources.
- Fixed : Using the last tile in a tileset with settile command did not work.
- Fixed : Pasting texts with line breaks in editor broke maps (line breaks and tabs are now sripped when pasting).
- Fixed : Lua hook "shieldhit" led to crash when shield was hit by turret which was not built by a player.
- Fixed : Some Gen_FX / Gen_Weather particles were not visible in map editor anymore.
- Fixed : Decals on walls and obstacles were invisible.
- Fixed : Map background image was invisible in most cases.
- Fixed : Command setbackground did not work properly in most cases.
- Fixed : Map transfer "Overwrite" option not working correctly for clients who disabled downloads completely.
- Fixed : Clients were sometimes able to use wrong maps - added a second checksum validation (after loading map).
- Changed : Join hook is now called AFTER map loading (+ new "connect" hook introduced).
- Changed : "Quick Play" will now prefer servers with at least 3 human players, lower chance to join empty servers.
- Changed : "Quick Play" will now exclude servers with non-standard mode maps (everything not as/cs/de).
- Changed : Improved "Quick Play" UI.
- Changed : Addbind returns true only when it was added succesfully.
- Changed : addbind prints console error if key does not exist.
- Changed : Entity limit in maps increased from 10k to 100k.
- Changed : When changing sv_specmode the new mode is displayed in center of the screen.
- Added : Server leaderboards (in-game top 100 rank list, accessible via ESC-menu).
- Added : mwheeldown and mwheelup addbind keys.
- Added : ®path text tag (draws image in chat).
- Added : Chainsaw particles when hitting walls or obstacles.
- Added : Physics with Lua support.
- Added : Command "damagetile".
- Added : Lua command "raycast".
- Added : Lua command "inPhysicsObject".
- Added : Lua command "closeplayers" (get all players inside a certain radius around a point).
- Added : Lua command "hascloseplayers" (checks if any player is inside a certain radius around a point).
- Added : Lua hook "onhit".
- Added : Lua hook "connect" (when a player STARTS to connect, triggered before "join"-hook).
- Added : Lua hook "clientsetting" (when a player changes settings).
- Added : Lua hook "oncollision".
- Added : Lua hook "oncollisionhit".
- Added : Lua hook "oncollisionenter".
- Added : Lua hook "oncollisionleave".
- Added : "micsupport" parameter for Lua player command (does player have microphone support?).
- Added : "widescreen" parameter for Lua player command (1 if running in widescreen mode, 0 if 4:3 res).
- Added : "windowed" parameter for Lua player command (does player run game in window?).
- Added : "language" parameter for Lua player command (language of the player).
- Added : "language_iso" parameter for Lua player command (ISO code of the language of the player).
- Added : "ticks" parameter for Lua game command (server tick/refresh rate).
- Added : "timeleft" parameter for Lua game command (remaining round time in seconds).

Version du 14/04/2018
- Fixed : "-nointro" command line parameter led to crash.
- Fixed : Memory leak in chat system (leak was introduced with
- Fixed : Steam version offered auto update instead of updating via Steam only.
- Fixed : Chat/radio icon over player heads was covered by map shadows.
- Fixed : Turret does not shoot in wrong direction anymore.
- Fixed : "Auto-Select" random player image wasn't always scaled correctly in HUD menu.
- Fixed : IP banning in scoreboard context menu did not work properly with all IPs.
- Fixed : Bug which led to corrupted player score values in score/rank system.
- Changed : Console now supports multicolored printing (same as chat).
- Changed : Bullet synchronization between server and client.
- Changed : Improved bullet particles graphics.
- Changed : Reorganized "More (Settings)"-tabs with more categories for better overview.
- Changed : "U" icon for U.S.G.N. login in main menu instead of padlock icon.
- Changed : Improved Steam login logic.
- Changed : Better handling of long texts in some UI elements (less overlapping).
- Changed : Max transfer file size limit (for "all", "images only", "sounds only" settings) lowered from 100 mb to 16 mb.
- Changed : Improved Env_Decal in-game rendering performance (editor rendering performance not affected).
- Changed : More aggressive avatar caching / less avatar update/download socket connections.
- Changed : Only 1 avatar download at a time instead of 2.
- Changed : Error message in console when executing an unknown command is now a single line only instead of 3.
- Added : Steam support (login & achievements) for Linux and MacOS.
- Added : Full support for client-side and server-side mods.
- Added : Client mod selection menu in main menu (these mods will be activated locally).
- Added : Server mod selection menu in "New Game"-menu (these mods will be enabled for everyone on the server).
- Added : New server filter and status icon to filter/sort servers depending on custom transfers/downloads.
- Added : "Is decoration" setting for Env_Sprite & Env_Image entities.
- Added : Ukrainian translation, thanks to Maxor (U.S.G.N. #125571).
- Added : Off-Screen damage option (when disabled you can't get damaged by players outside your visible screen area).
- Added : Some visual additions & improvements in buy menu.
- Added : Kill cam (when own or spectated player gets killed camera smoothly scrolls to killer).
- Added : "Unreal Software's" and "CS2D" in main menu are clickable, leading to unrealsoftware.de / cs2d.com
- Added : Commands "killcam", "killcam_spectator", "killcam_fx", "killcam_victimtime", "killcam_scrolltime" for kill cam settings.
- Added : Command "renderdecoration" to enable/disable map decoration sprite/image rendering.
- Added : Command "renderdecals" to enable/disable map decal rendering.
- Added : Command "mp_anticlock" (detect local time/clock related hacks).
- Added : Command "menu_voxelweapons" to enable/disabled spinning 3D voxel weapons in buy menu.
- Added : Command "effect" now supports new particle types "blood" and "sparkles".
- Added : Command "clear" to clear the console output.
- Added : Lua: better require support (now looks in sys/lua/ and mods/, as well as in mods//lua/ when executed from mods//lua/main.lua).
- Added : Lua command os.millisecs (gets the number of milliseconds since the game's start).
- Added : Lua command os.info (gets information about the server's OS).
- Added : Lua command playerammo (get ammo value approximation of a weapon carried by a player).
- Added : Lua command objecttype (get info about a specific object type).
- Added : Lua image command now allows to spawn lights by using "" as path value.
- Added : Lua tile command now has parameters "rot", "blend", "color", "brightness" and "height".
- Added : Lua hook "turretscan" (when a turret searches for a target).
- Added : Warning message if server info is empty.
- Added : Commandline parameter "-nosfx" to disable audio loading (for faster loading on low end systems).
- Removed : Launcher.exe Removed : from Windows Steam client (did not work properly with Steam).

Mis à jour le : 04.03.19

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