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Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.2 fr - Windows

Les widgets ou gadgets comme appelle Microsoft ces mini-applications sous Vista, ont presque autant de détracteurs que de partisans parfois adeptes du précepte totalement inutiles donc rigoureusement indispensables encore que la notion d'inutilité soit sujette à caution mais c'est pour la formule.

A destination des environnements Windows XP / Vista cette dernière dispose de fonctionnalités améliorées tant pour les utilisateurs que les développeurs.

Vous trouverez enormément de module (plus de 5842) pour Yahoo! Widget Engine a cette adresse Yahoo! Widgets Gallery.

Source : Generation-NT

Nouveautés & Corrections
- Fixed event.key.
- Added support for numlock modifier on keyboard, mouse, and drag events.
- Added timeout property to XHR.
- Added JSON object (from json.org).
- Fix issue with unlocalized "Preferences" submenu in system tray.
- Allow CSS to affect text alignment even in non-wrapped text objects. Only works with a minimum version of 4.5 or later.
- Fix issue where saveImageToFile() couldn't deal with scrolled frames.
- Fix localization of preferences dialog title.
- Fix localization of dialog title when iTunes is not installed.
- Finally support ctrl-a and ctrl-e in the evaluation field in the debug window on Windows.
- Always set system.event when minVersion >= 4.5. system.event is, however, considered deprecated. You should always use the event passed to your handlers.
- Implement URL properties to expose a URL 'cracking' API, i.e. you can access the components of a URL.
- Get Drag/Drop working for window objects (Windows only?)
- Allow 0 as a valid length value in CSS. It's supposed to be valid.
- Only print warnings about elements being in widget and metadata files if the values actually differ
- Changed XPath to work to spec. It wasn't returning the correct result for string() functions.
- Added window.getCurrentMousePosition()
- Added window.close()
- Added widget.createWindowFromXML()
- Lazier GC on minimum version or 4.5 or greater.
- Added onPreferencesCancelled.
- We now properly propagate exceptions thrown in the ready state callback of an XMLHttpRequest through to the open or send call that may have called it.
- Fixed issues with text files getting double linefeeds.
- Made sure the main window doesn't get shown if hidden and form() is called.
- Fixed issue where we couldn't parse XML with DOCTYPE, particularly for vitality.
- Added Display object and various functions to allow you to get the display list.
- Added Rectangle object to allow you to do fun things like union and intersection. Wahooo!!!
- Fixed various canvas drawing issues.
- Now allow canvas to render another canvas via drawImage.
- Ubiquitous mouse handlers.
- No more crashing when calling removeChild on context menu items.
- No more crashing when passing an anonymous function to URL.fetchAsync().

Mis à jour le : 26.08.09

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