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Wings 3D 2.2.4 fr - Windows

Wings3D pour Windows est un logiciel libre de modélisation polygonale en trois dimensions par surface de subdivision. Il s'inspire des logiciels Nendo et Mirai de Izware. Il est écrit dans le langage de programmation Erlang et utilise une console virtuelle.

Il est conçu pour la modélisation et le texturage de modèles 3D, grâce à son interface relativement simple d'utilisation. À l'heure actuelle, le logiciel ne permet pas de faire des animations. Il dispose d'un moteur de rendu OpenGL et il est capable d'exporter les modèles dans de nombreux formats (voir ci-dessous).

Son système de plugin rend possible l'extension des capacités du logiciel : il est par exemple possible d'utiliser un moteur de rendu par lancer de rayon externe tel que Yafray ou PovRay.

Formats d’export
- Nendo (NDO).
- 3D Studio (3DS).
- Wavefront (OBJ).
- Lightwave/Modo.
- Renderware (RWX).
- FBX (sur Windows et Mac OS X).
- Yafray.
- Povray.
- Kerkythea.
- Collada.

Formats d’import
- Nendo (NDO).
- 3D Studio (3DS).
- Wavefront (OBJ).
- FBX (sur Windows et Mac OS X).
- Adobe Illustrator 8 (AI).
- Lightwave/Modo.

Source : Page Wikipedia de Wings 3D - Windows

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version 2.2.4 du 13/04/2019
- Fixed View/Show Texture bug.
- Fixed transparent rendering.
- Added a fail-safe if OpenCL crashes during start, which will disable OpenCL for future runs.
- Select by Material in Outliner window was not working in accord when in body selection mode.
- Fixed some ui color settings.

Version 2.2.3 du 28/02/2019
- Improved handling of patches and plugins.
- Now installs in the user data directory according to OS recommendations this avoids tampering with the original installation. I.e. on windows USERHOME/AppData/Local/Wings3D.
- Improve rendering of transparent faces in smooth preview.
- Isometric view command.
- Upgraded to erlang/otp-21.2 on Windows which should improve performance on large models.
- Boolean fixes.
- The submenu in 'AutoUV Segmentating' was shown in the wrong display for multiple monitors layout. Thanks to OXO.
- Exporter fixes.
- Minor fixes in Outliner and Geom Graph windows.
- Select an element with non latin character was causing Wings3D to crash.

Version 2.2.2 du 29/01/2019
- Improved STL importer.
- Fixed crash when zooming to a negative distance.
- UV mapping windows are displayed in the same monitor as the first was.
- Fixed hard crash caused by malformed faces.
- Fixed the EPS/SVG plugin exporting back edges.
- Fixed the crash caused by Tighten in AutoUV window. Thanks to Hank. [Micheus Vieira]
- Changing to a saved view in the middle of a vector input operation was causing Wings3D to crash.
- Wings3D was crashing when a material was selected by using it's color icon.
- Selection groups has not been saved for hidden/locked objects.
- Importing a .gbl project was causing a crash just before it to be displayed.
- If a area light is present only the faces facing the camera can get selected by marquee selection.
- Wings3D was crashing unexpected in module wings_frame.
- Added a workaround and some information to help us to find the cause.
- Select similar material isn't working properly in AutoUV.
- Worked some more on the boolean operations.
- Moving a light and using translation was causing Wings3D to crash.
- Alpha channel of a diffuse texture was drawing in black.
- Upgraded to erlang/otp-21.2 (windows, mac) which should improve performance on large models.
- General Mac improvements, menues and material viewer.
- Fixed opencl crash on old ATI cards.
- Fixed image handling crash. - Fixed exporting lights to plugin.

Version 2.2.1 du 04/12/2018
- Materials have been changed to have roughness and metallic parameters instead ambient, specular and shininess. Handling of more texture types have been added. Brdf emulation with background images when rendering materials and using camera light or scene lights.
- Image planes or background images used to set a diffuse texture and set emission to white. That doesn't work any more because a white emission material will overexpose the texture.
- Set the background texture as an emission texture instead will get the same result as in previous wings versions. New image plane will do this automatically.
- Added new image commands to the outliner.
- Create image from channel, to enable usage of single channels from example combined metallic roughness textures.
- Invert channel, create a new image with one channel (or image in case of gray scale) inverted. To be used for example to change between DirectX and OpenGL normal map formats, or to create a simple roughness map from a metallic map.
- Added a test version of Boolean commands. Does not handle coplanar faces. Try subdividing the intersecting faces if the Boolean commands doesn't work.
- Added the PLY importer to the Wings3D project.
- Export normals for collada (dae) format.
- Added export/import vertex color support for gltf files.
- Improve import of file formats, by estimating hard edges for formats that does not have smoothing groups but includes normals.
- Enabled the Flatten command to be repeatable in edge mode.
- Fixed a bug causing wings to not find relative image files when file and subdirectory had moved.
- Check for EXT or ARB framebuffer extension, both works, but for some old cards/drivers only EXT is available.
- Fixed the crash in Put On command (LMB option) when no destination was selected.
- Fixed the cause of Wings3D crash after a combination of hole and Cleanup command.
- Fixed the cause of Select By Short Edge be crashing when there was a active selection.
- Fixed the window docking feature for multiple monitors systems.
- Fixed the wrong dialog location when user has multiple monitors.
- Fixed the hard crash when creating a texture.
- The information line was showing a wrong value for the edge difference and angle info was also missing.
- Made gltf and collada import more robust.
- Fixed a issue which was allowing locked objects be moved if them were previously selected.
- Moving any object to a folder was causing a crash.
- Floating windows was growing each time Wings3D was started.
- Combined objects in a folder were moved outside the folder.
- Fixed the problem that was causing geometry state rollback after save a project in Sculpt mode.
- By starting Sculpt with a geometry window in Wire mode would make the sculpt never get back to Shading mode. Thanks to Hank.
- Workaround for linux Wayland support.
- A bunch of more bug-fixes we have stumbled on but forgot to note down.

Mis à jour le : 13.04.19

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