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PeaZip 7.0.0 fr

PeaZip est un logiciel de compression et de décompression compatible avec de nombreux formats.

Création d’archives aux formats : 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PAQ/LPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, ZIP, ...

Ouverture des archives au format : ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM, COMPOUND (MSI, DOC, XLS, PPT), CPIO, ISO, Java (JAR, EAR, WAR), Linux (DEB, PET/PUP, RPM, SLP), LHA/LZH, LZMA, Mac (DMG/HFS), NSIS, Open Office files, PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, SMZIP, U3P, UDF, WIM, XAR, XPI, Z/TZ, ... Un total de 188 extensions de fichier peut désormais être géré par PeaZip.

Il inclut un module puissant de cryptage (7Z, with AES256 encryption; FreeARC's ARC, with AES256, Blowfish, Twofish256 and Serpent256 encryption; PEA, with AES256 authenticated encryption (EAX mode); ZIP with WinZip's AE encryption based on AES256) qui protégera vos archives en toute sécurité.

Grâce à une interface personnalisable et claire, vous pourrez explorer les différentes archives et en éditer le contenu à l'aide du menu contextuel.

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version 7.0.0 du 02/12/2019
- Backend : PEA 0.66.
- File Manager : Added option to automatically open tar archive inside tar.* compressed files.
- File Manager : Option is on by default, can be set in Options > Settings > Archive manager.
- File Manager : Drag & drop can now be hot swapped between standard and custom mode while using the application.
- File Manager : Improved finding duplicate files, both with crc/hash and quick duplicate check: Info column shows "D" for duplicate for each copy of file with same digest value, except the last copy found.
- File Manager : Sorting files for Info column allows to quickly select (and delete) duplicate items.
- File Manager : Sorting files for checksum/hash column allows to easily compare identical files as in previous versions.
- File Manager : New function to analyze content of folders in file browser (from column header menu).
- File Manager : Info column marks empty folders with "E".
- File Manager : Checksum/hash column shows content of folders: number of directories, number of files, and total size.
- File Manager : New scaling mechanism for better support of high DPI in PeaZip and Pea executables.
- File Manager : UI elements are scaled at run time at discrete steps zooming up to 10x of design time size, using Lazaruz LCL scaling.
- File Manager : Graphic is accordingly scaled at run time, accepting arbitrarily sized graphic sources.
- File Manager : Embedded 16 and 32 pixel icons are currently provided with 3x definition (48 and 96 pixel respectively) to provide high quality graphic up to 300% scaling.
- File Manager : New themes for PeaZip version 7+ uses 8 or 32 bit PNG with transparency, and currently provides 16 and 32 pixel icons upscaled to 3x definition.
- File Manager : New Windows icons for menus and file types; new icons allows to better distinguish supported file types, at large and small resolutions.
- File Manager : When a single file of unsupported format is passed as parameter, the application lets the user decide if to try to open it as archive or to add it to new archive.
- File Manager : Various fixes.
- File Manager : Fixed System benchmark tool.
- Extraction and Archiving : Improved progress bar accuracy.
- Extraction and Archiving : Option to delete input files after task completion is now globally applied to all archiving / extraction functions.
- Extraction and Archiving : Also batch version of direct archiving / extraction functions now apply the deletion on completion policy accordingly to the application's configuration.
- Extraction and Archiving : Alternative versions of batch commands are now available in order to explicitly ignore deletion on completion policy, with "i" appended after function name: -add2peai, -add2crypti, -add27zi, -add27zmaili, -add2separate7zi, -add2sfx7zi, -add2sfx7zmaili, -add2zipi, -add2zipmaili, -add2separatezipi, and -ext2herei, -ext2folderi, -ext2toi, ext2tofolderi, -ext2simplei, -ext2simplefolderi.
- Extraction and Archiving : Fixed and improved -add2split batch command, can now accept multiple input files and folders (if more than one file is passed as input it will be consolidated in a tar archive).
- Windows : Improved Windows 32 and 64 bit installers.
- Windows : Added shortcuts to selectively start PeaZip in add, extract or open mode.
- Windows : Shortcuts are saved in application's entry in Start Menu, and in program's path, and can be freely moved/copied for ease of use.
- Windows : By default now the installer associate files and create menu entries for all users (local machine).
- Windows : New "Install for current user only" checkbox, unchecked by default, to run the installer for current user only.
- Windows : Various fixes and removal of legacy code.

Version 6.9.2 du 01/09/2019
- File Manager : Setting language for application texts also sets language of context menu entries this requires elevation if UAC is enabled, works both from application (Options > Language) and from installer.
- File Manager : Configure application and file associations link replicated in Settings, Archive manager tab.
- File Manager : Fixes in editing files in archives.
- File Manager : Updated translations.

Version 6.8.0 du 06/05/2019
- Backend : Created general purpose dragdropfilesdll.dll to handle drag and drop from application to Windows 32 and 64 bit systems, built from DragDropLazarus Lazarus package (which is required only for compiling the dll), which is based on work of Angus Johnson & Anders Melander (on Delphi), and Michael Köcher / six (on Lazarus).
- File Manager : Added native drag and drop from application to system.
- File Manager : File copy / move / recycle operations are performed in standard GUI dialogs.
- Extraction and Archiving : New native drag and drop extraction.
- Extraction and Archiving : On native drag and drop extraction, extra level of directory nesting are automatically removed (unless browsing archive in flat or search mode).
- Extraction and Archiving : Old custom drag and drop extraction is still available as alternative in Options > Settings > General.

Version 6.7.2 du 14/04/2019
- Release 6.7.2 introduces a more streamlined GUI for archiving and extraction, that can now be sent in background to system tray, smart extraction to new folder (to avoid extracting multiple items to destination, and for removing unnecessary levels of nesting), and other several improvements and fixes.
Multiple archiving and extraction tasks are now performed in a single instance, easier to hide, move or resize, providing progress bars for current task and for overall process.
- 7z backend is updated to 19.00 version.
- A total of 188 file extensions can now be managed by PeaZip.

Mis à jour le : 02.12.19

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