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GenesisPlusDC 20-01-2007

GenesisPlusDC est un émulateur Megadrive/Genesis toujours en cours de développement écrit à l'origine par BlackAura et qui a été repris par Warmtoe qui continu de le mettre à jour.

Il a notamment amélioré l'émulation du son et la compatibilité, ce qui donne un Genesis Plus presque terminé !

- Full speed with full sound (no skipping!).
- SRAM Saving to VMU.
- Great compatibility.
- 2 player support.
- 6 button pad support.
- Region settings (JP/US/EU).
- .GEN, .BIN, .SMD, and .ZIP support.
- 2 CPU cores, FAME and C68K.
- Hardware and software rendering.
- Fixed graphic bugs from PVR3 version
- Mono/Stereo settings (via Dreamcast BIOS).
- Pour plus d'infos cliquez-ici.

Une liste des jeux compatible avec GenesisPlusDC est inclus dans l'archive.

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version 20-01-2007 du 18/01/2007
- After more of eke-eke's changes, the sound stuff now works properly.
- Slightly newer fame.
- Put in the code for eke-eke's changes to the sound driver to fix FM sound in some games. Doesn't work properly so it is defined out.
- Uses DMA for texture transfer, but only partially. Should speed up texture transfer by ~2x.
- Uses SQs in more places that affect speed more.
- Faster assembly twiddling function.
- Uses store queues when possible for speedups.
- New FAME core from fox68k.
- Multilingual Menu - automatically set by the DC's BIOS settings.
- Re-Added FPS showing option.
- Modified the romlist system, so that it can now read files with spaces in their names (use an | to seperate filename from real name).
- Small speedups in many places
- Palettes are now double-buffered. That gets rid of all of the palette tearing effects, or weird blocks of colour on screen when a game was supposed to change the palette mid frame.
- Sound channels are now properly synchronised. They were very slightly out of sync before - the right channel was a few samples behind the left. Should result in a slight increase in sound quality. This was needed because the mono output sounded terrible without it (see below).
- For those of us who still have to put up with a mono TV, there is now a mono sound output mode. Don't get too excited - it doesn't speed things up, because it's still stereo. It just gets the sound hardware to do a mono mix, rather than a stereo one. It's enabled from the Dreamcast's BIOS (set the sound mode to mono). If you have a mono TV and some sounds were missing (like every other ring "ding" noise in Sonic), check this setting and try with this version.
- The sound looping bit from the menu has gone (I never noticed it because it was only the right channel, and I have a mono TV), as has the momentary blip of audio when you start the second (or later) game.
- SRAM support has been hooked up. Only works with C68k, and has only been tested with Sonic 3. Seems to work pretty well though - the SRAM save for Sonic 3 takes up a single block, and it still has about 200 bytes free in that block out of 512 total. Loads from and saves to the first VMU only. Error handling is crap, so it might occasionally destroy a save file. The saves from all your other games should be safe though.

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