Mega X-Key 2.3

Mega X-Key is a multifaceted product developed by Team X4 which unlocks the power of your XBox. It comes with loads of 'ready to go' game saves and cheats which can be managed using the included software. It serves as a "Mega" memory card with 32 MB of storage that plugs into the USB port of your PC and allows you to transfer Saves on your PC to the Mega X-Key. The Mega X-Key can then be connected to the XBox to load. One of the biggest advantages of using the Mega X-Key product instead of XBox-Saves Manager is that it does not require a modchip to transfer saves.

However, since a modchip is not required, that means the Mega X-Key will not work with Trainers, Patches, or Hacked Default.xbe Saves unless you have a modchip. It also supports XBox Live save game data so the Mega X-Key will come in handy for XBox Live users who wants Saves and Updates for their Live games. And later, we will introduce 'MegaCodes', which lets you customize your own cheats for your saves.

Nouveautés & Corrections
- Fixed issues with certain hardware configurations under Windows 98.
- Updated web site listing for submission of save games.
- Updated User's Manual.

Mis à jour le  : 15.10.07

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