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Wii Backup File System Manager 3.0.1

Wii Backup File System Manager 32bit et 64bit est un logiciel basé sur negentig qui permet de vérifier et de décrypter les disques Wii. Cette version permet l’ouverture des disques sur un système de fichier WBFS.

- Listing of games with titles, sizes and codes.
- Drag-and-drop support for adding multiple files at once to the WBFS drive.
- Easy to use interface which also reports available, total and used disk space at a glance.
- Batch processing of multiple ISOs.
- Rename discs on the WBFS drive.
- Multilingual support.
- French, courtesy of TheCrach.
- Italian and Perugino, courtesty of cerocca.
- German, courtesy of BarbaxX.
- Spanish, courtesy of dgtor.
- Dutch, courtesy of villadelfia.
- Chinese (Traditional), courtesy of IvanChen.
- Homebrew Channel entry creation.
- Indirect Drive-To-Drive transferring and cloning.
- Automatic RAR archive extraction
- Batch extraction and deletion.
- Exporting list of games on drive to a .CSV.
- Ability to use more than one cover directory.
- Channel Creation.

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version 3.0.1 du 27/01/2015
- Changes : Added Channel Creation support. (Disabled by default, to enable go to Options->Channel Creation and Enable. Follow the instructions provided below.)
- Changes : Added "Large Cover View"s, which are two side panels that display the cover for the currently selected item.
- Changes : Added Automatically Check for Updates option (Requires Internet access, can be disabled).
- Changes : Added the option to cancel batch operations (cancellation occurs as soon as the current item is finished).
- Changes : Added drive status indicator under the left-hand list, blue shows amount of used space, green shows amount of used space after adding all entries from the "Games To Add" list.
- Changes : Added Help menu option.
- Changes : Added direct drive-to-drive copying for drive's with similar sector sizes. Drive-To-Drive copying will now first check if it's possible to do direct copying, if not it will revert to indirect copying.
- Fixes : Fixed the estimated size being wrong for some games.
- Fixes : Fixed an issue with CSV files being exported incorrectly sometimes.
- Fixes : Save expander states, so the user doesn't have to keep re-opening them each time.
- Fixes : Fixed Homebrew Channel creation. (Now using WiiCrazy's USB Loader DOL instead of Yal).
- Fixes : Fixed an issue with the "Estimated Total Size" not updating correctly when games were removed from the right-hand list.
- Fixes : Now checks the filesystem type of a drive before loading to make sure it's not NTFS, FAT or ext.
- Fixes : Fixed an issue with games with ":" or other special characters causing issues during batch extraction.
- Fixes : Fixed issue with game regions showing up incorrectly in initial 2.5 release.
- Fixes : Fixed issue with RAR files in subfolders not being detected during drag and drop operations.
- Fixes : Removed thousandth of a seconds from elapsed time in progress bar.
- Fixes : Fixed mislabled blocks status (was Blocks Used, should be Blocks Free).
- Fixes : Fixed some other minor issues.
- Fixes : Changed installer (now prompts for .NET 3.5 SP1 before installing, also gives options for installing langauges, etc...)

Version 2.2.2 du 19/07/2009
- German language support has now been added. In order to enable German language support in WBFS Manager 2.2.2, download the German Language Pack, extract the zip file and copy the "de" folder into Program FilesWBFSWBFS Manager 2.2.2 (or ProgrammeWBFSWBFS Manager 2.2.2).
- Chinese language has now been added. In order to use the Chinese version, uninstall WBFS Manager, then download ChineseEdition-x86 (for 32-bit Windows) or ChineseEdition-x64 (for 64-bit Windows).
- Improved multilingual support (can now add more languages by dropping "language packs" into the application's directory).
- Added Dutch support.

Mis à jour le : 27.01.15

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