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Metronome EXP 32bit et 64bit est logiciel pour les musiciens. Son rôle est de vous indiquer le rythme à avoir lorsque vous jouez d’un instrument. Mais ce logiciel, vous permet aussi de créer vos propres rythmes ou d’utiliser ceux inclus et de les modifier.

- Supports everything from a simple click to complex additive time signatures and drum beats.
- Supports multiple beat subdivisions.
- Support for polyrhythms.
- Create drum beats and patterns in a wide range of time signatures using the built in step sequencer.
- Up to 12 voices available, each with user selectable instruments.
- Can use Microsoft's Wavetable Synth or user supplied 16 bit 44.1kHz .wav files as the sound source.
- User selectable colour and size for the icon used to display each voice.
- The tap tempo button along with the full keyboard interface allow you to quickly set the exact tempo you want.
- Powerful speed trainer with linear and logarithmic modes of operation.
- Settings can be saved as a preset for instant recall.
- The language used for the interface can be changed using a simple text file.
- Requires no installation, and makes absolutely no changes to your system.
- Can be run from a USB flash drive, allowing you to take your settings with you anywhere.
- COMPLETELY FREE - no advertising, no nag screen, yours to keep with our compliments!

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version du 23/09/2015
- Fixed issue with midiOutOpen on Windows 10 using Microsofts GS Wavetable Synth failing.

Version du 06/07/2014
- Minor tap tempo enhancements.
- Fixed issue with the speed trainer not changing tempo when a one bpm increment was required for each step of the trainer.
- Corrected the help text displayed when hovering over the Step Size value for the speed trainer.

Version du 02/02/2014
- New ultra high precision timing engine.
- Fixed issue with durations in bars speed trainer mode not running for the correct number of bars when using a sequence or meter with a subdivision.
- Fixed issue with speed training session never completing when the start tempo equalled the end tempo.
- Fixed issue with audio file sound levels not being set correctly.
- Fixed step sequencer paint issue when window scrolled and number of bars reduced.

Mis à jour le : 17.10.18

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