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Paint.NET 5.0.6 fr

À la base, ce logiciel était un projet universitaire initié par deux diplômés de l'université de Washington et soutenu par Microsoft. Paint.NET est en quelque sorte une version (grandement !!!) améliorée du Paint de Microsoft avec de nombreuses idées empruntées à Photoshop.

S'il n'a pas grand-chose à voir avec le très basique et antique Paint fourni d'office dans tout environnement Windows, il est souvent présenté comme son successeur. Codé en C# et sous licence Open Source, ce logiciel a pour ambition de fournir à l'utilisateur lambda des outils relativement évolués permettant la retouche d'images.

Quelques fonctionnalités :
- Interface multidocuments simple et intuitive avec des onglets.
- Prise en charge de 8 langues : anglais, chinois simplifié, français, allemand, japonais, coréen, portugais, brésilien et espagnol.
- Outil de dégradé interactif.
- Palette de couleurs personnalisable.
- Gestionnaire de calque.
- Nouveaux effets.
- Barre d'outils améliorée et plus intuitive.
- Interface utilisateur plus claire.
- Fichiers historiques compressés.
- Commande de fusion vers le bas des calques.

  • Téléchargez la version 32bit de Paint.NET 4.3.12.

  • Important : Il faut préalablement installer le .Net Framework 6.0.0 (ou supérieur) de Microsoft qui est nécessaire pour faire fonctionner le logiciel Paint.NET. Vous pouvez le télécharger à cette adresse .Net Framework 6.0.0 x86 et .Net Framework 6.0.0 x64.

  • Plugins : Vous pouvez rajouter des plugins pour amélioré les fonctionnalités du logiciel comme des effets, des brosses, des outils, ... que vous trouverez à cette adresse Plugins pour Paint.NET.

  • Plugins PSD : Plugins pour ouvrir directement les fichiers PhotoShop (.psd) avec Paint.net. Vous pouvez le télécharger à cette adresse Plugins PSD 2.5.0 pour Paint.NET.
    Pour installer le Plugins PSD
    1) Fermer Paint.NET.
    2) Téléchargez et ouvrez l'archive Zip, et copier le fichier PhotoShop.dll dans : C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes
    3) Redémarrez Paint.NET, le plugin sera automatiquement reconnu.

Nouveautés & Corrections
Version 5.0.6 du 25/05/2023
- Improved the sharpness of the canvas, which had gotten too blurry in 5.0.4 in some cases.
- Added a "reset to default" button for Image->Resize's Resampling option.
- Fixed a rendering artifact on the canvas where sometimes the transparency checkerboard would be visible at the bottom pixel of an image when it shouldn't be.
- Fixed a glitch with the canvas zoom slider where it would draw the tracking thumb at the wrong position when the zoom level was at 10,000%.
- Fixed a rare hang that could happen when opening an image.

Version 5.0.4 du 20/05/2023
- New : You can now draw from the center when using the Shapes or Line/Curve tools by holding down Ctrl. You can also resize uniformly by holding Ctrl.
- New : You can now resize uniformly ("centered") by holding down Ctrl when using the Move Selection or Move Selected Pixels tools.
- Fixed : Edit -> Copy and Copy Merged are no longer greyed out (disabled) when a selection is not active; they will copy the entire layer or image. You could always use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Shift+C) to invoke these commands, but the menu items were not clickable.
- Fixed : Right-clicking on the color wheel in the Colors window will now set the secondary color.
- Fixed some issues with the Text tool recentering the view when it shouldn't when keys like Ctrl are pressed.
- Fixed some JPEG images failing to load because of malformed IPTC metadata.
- Fixed a rare crash in the Magic Wand and Paint Bucket tools.
- Fixed an uncommon rendering glitch with the Text tool when antialiasing is disabled.
- Fixed an issue with some older plugins that were using the legacy Gaussian Blur effect with radius=0
- Added an /ignoreCorruptPDNChunks command-line parameter to assist with certain data recovery scenarios for .PDN files.
- Updated the Direct2D initialization code in order to modernize it and enable future work that will optimize performance, memory use, and interactivity (e.g. with DirectComposition and DirectManipulation).
- Updated the bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version, which adds error diffusion dithering support for the BC1-3 formats.
- Improved : Image->Resize has been updated.
- Improved : The default resampling mode is now Bicubic, which has been updated to use the Catmull-Rom ("Catrom") cubic filter. This matches the Bicubic mode of the Move Selected Pixels tool (which uses Direct2D's "HighQualityCubic" mode).
- Improved : Added a new resampling mode, "Bicubic (Smooth)", which has no sharpening. It produces subjectively blurrier results, but is important for scenarios where you need to completely avoid the (usually) subtle ringing artifacts that other modes (Bicubic, Lanczos, and Adaptive) can introduce due to their added sharpness.
- Improved : "Adaptive (Best Quality)" has been renamed to "Adaptive (Sharp)" and is no longer the default resampling mode. It is still a very good choice when resizing photos, but whether you use Adaptive, Bicubic, or Lanczos is up to your own personal preference.
- Improved : A new option has been added, "Use gamma correction", which is enabled by default.
- Improved : The text box for typing in a percentage now accepts two digits past the decimal point, e.g. 35.79%.
- Improved : Move Selected Pixels (free transform) has been updated.
- New : Added a "Multisample Bilinear" sampling mode. This has a sharper look than Anisotropic and avoids the "ringing" artifacts that can be apparent when using Bicubic with high-contrast images (like screenshots). However, it doesn't usually work as well when reducing a selected area to a much smaller size.
- New : Added a "Gamma mode" button in the toolbar to toggle gamma correction on and off. The default is on, which improves the quality of rendering by preserving luminance (brightness).
Fixed a bug when using Bicubic sampling that would result in added sharpening when resizing the selected area to 1/8th its original size or smaller.
- Improved : Thumbnails within the app now use gamma correction, which ensures consistent luminance (brightness).
- New : GPU effects and plugins now support gamma correction, with linear gamma being the default rendering mode for new plugins.
- New : This can be changed by overriding OnInitializeRenderInfo() and setting the renderInfo.GpuEffectColorContext property to GpuEffectColorContext.WorkingSpace (the default is WorkingSpaceLinear).
- New : GPU effect plugins have better access to color management information via the IGpuEffectImage interface and its ColorContext property. All input images (e.g Environment.SourceImage) are now provided via this interface.
- New : In addition to the built-in effects that already render with gamma correction, the following built-in effects now also render with gamma correction : Adjustments -> Exposure / Blurs -> Fragment / Blurs -> Motion Blur / Blurs -> Radial Blur / Blurs -> Zoom Blur / Distort -> Bulge / Distort -> Crystalize / Distort -> Dents / Distort -> Frosted Glass / Distort -> Pixelate / Distort -> Polar Inversion / Distort -> Tile Reflection / Distort -> Twist / Layers -> Rotate/Zoom / Object -> Drop Shadow / Photo -> Straighten / Render -> Julia Fractal / Render -> Mandelbrot Fractal.
- Fixed : Ctrl+G has been reinstated as the shortcut key for Image -> Rotate 90° Counter-Clockwise.
Fixed a rendering glitch in Effects -> Distort -> Dents that would sometimes result in rows or columns of incorrectly colored pixels.
- Fixed : Some systems were having problems with Paint.NET not appearing in the "Open With" list in Windows File Explorer. This should now be fixed.
- Fixed : When installing an update, the desktop shortcut is no longer recreated. This means you can delete it without it reappearing after every update. This was a bug accidentally reintroduced back in Paint.NET v4.3.
- Increased the maximum zoom range from 1.5625% (1/64) -> 6,400% to 1% -> 10,000%.
- Improved the reliability of the wrapper classes for Windows COM libraries (Direct2D, etc.)
- Improved the /ignoreCorruptPDNChunks command-line parameter to allow an additional type of corrupt PDN image to be partially recovered.
- Updated the bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to version, which adds gamma correction for mipmap generation.
- Updated the bundled AvifFileType plugin to version, which now uses a checkbox to enable lossless compression.
- Updated the bundled WebPFileType plugin to version, which reduces some confusion when using lossless compression.

Mis à jour le : 25.05.23

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