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Atlantis PS2 Backup Toolkit 2.2.14

Let me fill you in on what this does and why it does it. I’ve only been working with ripping PS2 discs for a little while now, but I got really tired, really fast of how time consuming this process is, even following someone’s instructions. So, my goal was to come up with an application that would combine a lot of the aspects of ripping and save us a butt-load of time. That way, we can do what we all want to do and that’s play games.

Now, I know that there may be some of you out there with the attitude that if you took 3 days to rip a game, everyone else should because that’s the fun part. I have to humbly disagree. Why should everyone else be forced to re-invent the wheel? The fun part is not finally ripping a game, although it can be gratifying. The fun part is finally playing the game. Well, most of them anyway.

Having said that, here’s what Atlantis will/can do. Before copying files to the hard drive, you specify your directory and what files you want copied. You can select a file and mark it for complete removal (do not copy), replace with Default.PSS during the copy process, demultiplex (using PSSPlex v1.1.0) or replace with a dummy file of a certain size during the copy process.

Once that’s done, if Atlantis recognizes the disc as one having DVD Checks already figure out, it will ask if you want those checks done. Say yes, and your checks are taken care of. Say no, and a list of possible checks is shown and you can select one or more to apply.

With version 2.0, I’ve added the ability to search for standard lba tables in both hex and decimal format. And, since Splashdown royally pissed me off, I included the ability to reindex any lba table in any file. All you need to supply is the IML file, the offset the table starts at and the format of the table.

I’ve also included the ability to create an ISO file. With one click of the button, you have an ISO file created for you and ready to burn.. I know that the following tutorial might be a bit long, but there is a lot of meat to the application, which you shall see. I have quite a few areas that I want to enhance, but in the meantime, let’s take a tour.

Nouveautés & Corrections
- Added Cancel button to status dialogs so the user can Cancel out of long running processes like extracting files, searching for lba tables and creating ISOs.
- Fixed bug with flashing status dialog when moving the mouse over the form underneath.
- Added code to check for a space in the project directory name. This is in response to a bug in mkisofs where mkisofs will not create an ISO and will not return an error in this situation.
- A warning is now displayed when the selected extract source is a root directory of a hard drive so you don't accidentally wind up with with thousands of files in the treeview. Do you think this happened to me more than once?

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